2021: TechSee’s Year in Review

Image: Shutterstock, edited by TechSee

A Year of Growth

2021 has been a year of growth for TechSee. We’ve pivoted and stretched to help a wider range of industries offer their customers better experiences with technology. We enabled more than 20 million live visual sessions this year. This means 200% YoY growth! We are proud of achieving our goal of simplifying the lives of people everywhere, one visual session at a time.

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Benefits of Eve Cortex

A Year of Recognition

All of these efforts have not gone unnoticed. This year, we are proud to have won the 2021 Best in Biz Award for Enterprise Product of the Year, TMC’s 2021 CRM Excellence Award, and the TMC Pandemic Tech Innovation Award.

A Year of Innovation

And our successes did not stop there. TechSee’s technology trends of 2021 saw the introduction of more than 30 new features that are helping companies around the world offer better interactions and increase their efficiency. We answered the call of sales teams everywhere by releasing new capabilities that help sales reps walk potential customers through for instance:

A Year of Consideration for the Environment

Our world, our home is important to us. Remote visual assistance means resolving customers issues quicker and easier, eliminating the need for costly and planet-zapping truck rolls. In 2021, we saved 74 thousand tons of CO2 emissions per business.

A Year of Connection

2021 meant that we could finally have deeper connections with our communities. This was particularly vital after the hibernation hiatus of 2020. We attended seven events this year, five of which were in-person!

A Year of Heart

While immersed in these exciting endeavors detailed above in TechSee’s year in review, we also grew our team by 50%! This year, TechSee welcomed some of the brightest, funniest, and most innovative startup pros in the game, and we are still growing.

Conclusion: TechSee’s Successful Year in Review

As we say goodbye to 2021, we reflect on a year full of growth, recognition, innovation, consideration for the environment, connection and care for others.



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