A Tale of 2 Support Calls: Utilizing Visual Customer Support To Improve KPI’s

Image: Shutterstock, edited by TechSee

Video based customer service

Indeed, simple calls for help can be turned into long drawn-out and frustrating conversations when agents cannot see what the customers see and must rely on their descriptions to resolve their issues. But imagine if agents were equipped with the power of vision, where they could see what the customer was looking at and guide them easily.

Advantages of video communication

Call centers that utilize this type of visual customer support effectively eliminate the lengthy back-and-forth verbal process inherent in auditory communications. Video based customer service leads to instant, clear understanding, and in the process builds confidence and reduces frustration. Not only can Visual Assistance reduce the length of a service call, it is also proven to enhance all Customer Service KPIs, including metrics that measure contact center productivity, CX quality and employee satisfaction.

Visual Assistance upgrades customer support

Visual Assistance empowers the customer rather than escalating dissatisfaction. In addition, visual customer engagement allows the agent to see the problem firsthand without the need to rely on a customer’s long-winded or unclear description results in a faster and more effective call resolution and a more satisfying customer experience.



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