Amazon’s New Smart Home Services is Good And Bad News For CSPs

The fight for the smart home

Analysts disagree about the estimated value of the smart home market over the next decade, but all agree on its exponential growth potential in the years to come. This opportunity has attracted a host of players from various industries looking to create new revenue streams and expand their footprint into consumer homes.

Support of Things as the strategic weapon of choice

Smart home technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, but it has yet to be adopted by the mass market. Studies have shown that the average consumer finds it too complicated to install and service smart home technology on their own. Technical Support at scale (Support of Things or SoT) has been marked as the key to bringing smart home technology to consumers en masse.

Smart home market ‒ crossing the chasm

The market still has a long way to go before it reaches its full potential. While, according to McKinsey & Co., in 2017 there were 29 million smart homes in the US, many consumers still do not fully understand the value of connected homes and early adopters have faced significant technical challenges in their quest to smarten their homes.

The Amazon move toward smart home dominance

Within the smart home market, tech companies were known to rely on technology as a driver for new business. Each tech giant marketed their own voice-controlled AI-powered assistance platform as the centralized approach to control the smart home environment and its interaction with the outer world.

CSPs well-positioned to respond

This White Paper by Accenture entitled The Race to the Smart Home, contends that CSPs must defend and grow this critical market before the tech giants gain traction and scale. To do so they have to challenge tech companies in their own field ‒ Technology. They must identify and adopt technological solutions that will capitalize on their biggest advantage: existing customer base.


Added Value Services for the Smart Connected Home is the new battleground ‒ and technology is the key weapon needed to win.

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