Enhancing the product registration process with remote Visual Assistance

Product registration process trends

As with many consumer pain points, technology experts and marketers have found various initial solutions to alleviate the stress caused by the product registration process.

The next step: Remote Visual Assistance

Remote Visual Assistance uses screen-based technology that allows an agent to see a customer’s device via their mobile camera, and visually guide them to a resolution using on-screen Augmented Reality annotations, if required.

Visual self-service product registration

Customers can now complete the product registration process using visual self-service channels, thanks to advances in Computer Vision AI — the processing and analysis of digital images and videos to automatically understand their meaning and context. It allows customers to visually interact with virtual assistants that can guide them through the registration or warranty validation process, saving significant time and effort.


Remote Visual Assistance — either from an agent or in Computer Vision-powered self-service mode — can simplify product registration and streamline warranty management. Customers benefit from an effortless experience, superior service and access to discounts, while companies benefit from significant cost savings, greater brand loyalty and the ability to follow up with their customers post-sale with other engagement and revenue-generating opportunities. To learn more about how Visual Assistance drives product registration rates, click here.



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