How to Motivate Your WFH Contact Center staff — Tactics for Remote Employee Engagement

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Call Center Engagement ideas

Foster a culture of collaboration

A collaborative contact center is one where agents work together to make decisions and respond to customer requests based on group advice and guidance. Creating a culture of collaboration drives teamwork and a higher sense of morale for agents who see themselves as part of a bigger picture, working together toward a greater goal. Research shows that collaborative contact center work environments perform 50% better and reduce errors by 25%. In addition, agents working in a culture of collaboration display greater levels of motivation — 54% go above and beyond what is required — and display greater job satisfaction with a 17% higher intent-to-stay rate.

Ensure robust communication

During times of change or uncertainty, frequent communication is critical. Organizations that communicate effectively are 4.5 times more likely to retain quality employees. Necessary top-down communications include setting clear expectations of WFH staff, ensuring everyone is aware of the latest company COVID-19 responses, and clarifying any new policies and protocols. Paulaner Brewery Group has used a special employee app during the pandemic to disseminate information to staff, such as travel guidelines and videos with tips for maintaining COVID-related hygiene.

Provide access to innovative technology

A practical way to bring WFH call center staff closer together virtually is to invest in quality video conferencing and collaboration tools Other effective remote employee engagement technologies include instant messaging apps and in-house social networks.

Introduce fun through rewards and gamification

Keep WFH employees motivated by making tasks more engaging through gamification. According to, 95% of employees enjoy using gamified systems and the market is expected to grow in the new normal with Technavio predicting it will increase by USD 17.56 billion from 2020 to 2024.

Promote Health and Wellness

Helping employees maintain their physical and mental wellbeing goes a long way toward boosting motivation in the contact center. With many staff members forced to remain indoors for long periods with little or no time at the gym, implementing a health and wellness program for employees has never been more important.


Transitioning to a remote work contact center can be unsettling for staff. Keep agents motivated and boost remote employee engagement by fostering a culture of collaboration between agents, ensuring robust communication between management and staff, providing access to innovative technology, introducing fun through rewards and gamification, and promoting employee health and wellness.



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