Property Management Solutions: Visual Assistance Helps Homeowners And Tenants

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A Need for Technology in the Housing Industry

How To Simplify Maintenance and Repairs with Computer Vision AI and Augmented Reality

Why Visual Assistance is an ideal solution for property management

  • Better homeowner/tenant experience with faster resolution: Visual assistance allows a technician to guide the homeowner or tenant from a remote location for easy fixes, or use AR to provide visual instructions in more complicated cases. When vision is used for a pre-visit inspection, the technician can see the issue before dispatch and come prepared for the job, which raises the FTF rates, and shortens the time spent on site. If the technician needs assistance, he can transmit video and images from the field while consulting with a remote expert, eliminating the need for a repeat visit.
  • Enables self-service with interactive visual guidance and AI: Visual assistance can provide real-time device recognition and AR-based guidance for troubleshooting. For example, a visual assistant can recognize LED lights and error messages on appliances such as boilers, and auto-guide the homeowner or tenant to the resolution, enabling them to be significantly more self-sufficient when it comes to home repairs.
  • Delivers significant time savings and convenience: Visual assistance can spare homeowners and tenants wasted time and inconvenience of waiting around for technicians or property maintenance representatives. For standard procedures, such as damage inspection before a property exit, homeowners or tenants can be guided through the process of capturing images and videos of the maintenance or repair issue directly from their smartphone camera, without having to contact a company agent. This allows for the possibility of remote landlord property management, a much more convenient approach when it comes to house management. For example, instead of a property manager traveling to assess an issue with mold or damp, visual assistance allows the homeowner or tenant to capture visuals of any damage via an enhanced self-service process.
  • Promotes safety and reduces carbon footprint: Visual assistance is a remote-first technology that allows property maintenance companies to avoid as many in-person technician visits as possible. With today’s pandemic where people wish to avoid contact with technicians as much as possible, delivering contactless service to ensure the safety of homeowners, tenants, and housing management employees may be the key to business continuity. In addition, reducing the need to dispatch trucks results in a significant reduction of an organization’s carbon footprint and makes a positive environmental impact.

TechSee’s Visual Assistance Technology




TechSee revolutionizes the customer support domain by providing the first cognitive visual support solution powered by augmented reality and AI.

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TechSee revolutionizes the customer support domain by providing the first cognitive visual support solution powered by augmented reality and AI.

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