The Central Role of Computer Vision in Multiexperience

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  1. Sync me: storing a user’s information, which they can easily access and edit
  2. See me: understanding a user’s location, situation, and historical preferences, and offering them personalized information and a tailored interaction
  3. Know me: using predictive analytics to make timely and appropriate suggestions to the user
  4. Be me: acting on a user’s behalf — when given permission — to make the best decision for them

Role of Visual Assistance in Driving MX

The “See me” stage can be achieved incrementally. The simplest way to understand a user’s situation is via technology known as remote Visual Assistance, which connects a customer and an agent or technician via a live video stream, enabling the expert to provide real-time visual guidance in the form of on-screen Augmented Reality instructions.

Manual “See me” examples along the customer journey


The Role of Computer Vision in Multiexperience

The next stage of the “See Me” evolution is the implementation of Computer Vision AI technology to drive visual automation and ultimately self-service. Computer Vision technologies — such as object recognition, facial recognition, image to text, and image comparison — can enhance the customer experience by saving time and effort. These technologies can be implemented in assisted service mode — to route customer inquiries, and assist agents with visual decision support tools — or in self-service mode — where customers interact with bots that visually guide them to resolutions.

Automated “See me” examples along the customer journey



Reaching the ultimate goal of creating true customer multiexperience is achieved through a step-by-step process. Many forward-thinking companies are currently focusing their efforts on the “See me” phase to better understand their customers’ immediate requirements in order to offer relevant information and enable satisfying interaction. Remote Visual Assistance is the first stage, with Computer Vision in multiexperience poised to take visual engagement to the next level with automation.



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