Visual Transformation in Telecom: Endless opportunities

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Contactless Service by Telecoms

The COVID-19 pandemic has fueled the rapid acceleration of technology adoption by some of the world’s largest telecom companies. Companies searching for ways to provide effective and fast contactless service have found a little bit of secret sauce in augmented reality (AR).


Video or images let technicians or remote experts actually see the devices in their environment (think wireless router, cable modem, TV set, etc.)

Augmented Reality

AR — the technology where graphical information is displayed over a physical environment — provides interactive guidance and clear notations to technicians and field workers.

Computer Vision

Imagine if your smartphone or tablet had eyes and could see. That’s essentially what technicians get with computer vision technology in telecom. It’s the science of teaching machines to see, learn, and identify everything from device ports, cables, LED lights, wiring — you name it. Computer Vision relies on a visual knowledge base that’s ever-expanding, making it easier to determine common issues and to develop automatic responses to those issues.

How Visual Transformation in Telecom Works in the Wild

It’s not just a pipedream. The tech is here. It’s really a matter of adoption.

Visual Self-Service for Telecoms — The Next Step

Remote visual assistance, for all its benefits, still relies on a technician to guide the end user. But the visual transformation in telecom is capable of so much more. The stuff that really dazzles consumers — and what seems to be in popular demand these days — is no interaction with anyone. At all.

The Future is Here. Now.

If it sounds like the stuff of sci-fi fantasy, it’s because even a few years ago it basically was. The COVID-19 pandemic has jammed a decade of innovation into little more than a year or two, creating a veritable visual transformation in telecom. The result? The next time your internet goes down, you might never need to speak with an actual person. And if past consumer frustrations are any indication, that just may be a good thing.



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