Your Guide to CCW 2017: Don’t Miss These Sessions!

Written By: Liad Churchill
Head of Marketing @ TechSee

This year’s CCW boasts world class guest speakers, compelling keynote sessions on the best in customer service methodologies, and cutting-edge technology presentations. With so many exciting offerings jam-packed into such a short time frame, it will be tough to pick and choose.
We’ve spent a good day going through the line-up looking for the best speakers, most exciting innovations and forward-thinking ideas to create our own agenda for the conference.

Challenging as it was, we’ve narrowed down our choices for the top seven “cannot miss” sessions at CCW — mark your calendars and prepare to be transformed!

Move Your Ideas Into Action Through Emotional Transportation

Even if you’re not the biggest sports fan, it is worthwhile to hear Peter Gruber, owner of the Golden State Warriors who just won the 2017 NBA Championship a few days ago. Heralded as one of the “Twelve Great Speakers of the Year” by Successful Meetings magazine, and now author of a #1 New York Times bestseller Tell to Win — Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story, Guber’s national and global speaking events are always huge crowd draws.
Gruber will be speaking on “Move Your Ideas Into Action Through Emotional Transportation” Wednesday June 28th at 9:05am. He will discuss how success depends on relationships with our customers and encourage strategies that require leadership to build trust, aiming for the audience’s heart, not their wallet. This is accomplished by focusing on benefits to our customers not merely features, and in doing so our authenticity shines through, turning our audiences into vital, viral advocates. From a man who has his hand successfully in every conceivable entertainment avenue, you will certainly walk away inspired.

Customer Obsession at Amazon — A Key Component of Innovation

For Customer Service at its best, then going to hear Tom Weiland, Vice President Worldwide at Amazon, is a must. With 20 years of experience under his belt at Amazon and a team of 60,000 people working under him worldwide, you certainly want to hear what he has to say. Tom will be speaking on Thursday, June 29th at 8:20 AM on Customer Obsession at Amazon — A Key Component of Innovation.
As we all can attest, “Customer Obsession” is one of the leadership principles used every day at Amazon, whether they’re discussing ideas for new projects or deciding on the best solution for a customer’s problem. In this highly informative and enlightening keynote speech, you will discover how true leaders start with the customer and work backwards. Walk away with new ideas to earn and keep customer trust for longer than you’ve ever had before.

Transforming the Member Experience Journey

Weight Watchers has a long standing relationship with its customers. The company addresses a real and personal need, providing a life changing product to millions of people.. Learning how they used an omni channel approach to transform their customer experience will surely reveal some powerful insights. Kim Dans, VP of US Operations & Member Experience at Weight Watchers International, will be speaking on “Transforming the Member Experience Journey.” From Kim you will discover how Weight Watchers adapted the omni-channel concept, and undertook a culture of caring and personalization throughout the journey and “beyond the scale.” Weight Watchers believes that customer behaviors need to be fully understood by the retailers, especially the elements that might truly drive the customers to make purchase decisions. While many diet trends have come and gone over the years, Weight Watchers has kept their customers loyal and coming back for more — come find out how on Thursday, June 28th at 2:10pm at Track 6 in the Expo Hall.

Remote Visual Support Powered by Augmented Reality and AI

Over the course of five days, a select number of innovative companies will be on display in the CCW Expo Hall Experience. On Thursday, June 29th at 1:40pm, in the NEXMO Pavilion, Techsee will present “A Picture is Worth Millions in Savings — Enhance customer experience and reduce costs with intelligent visual support”
TechSee has revolutionized the customer support domain by providing the first intelligent visual support solution powered by augmented reality and AI. TechSee empowers support teams across the globe with remote visual support that enables the contact centers to see what their customer see. TechSee’s Customers have seen significant ROI by dramatically lowering the field technicians’ dispatch rate, increasing First Call Resolution rate, reducing Average Handling Time and improving customer satisfaction. TechSee also won the innovation award by Accenture for best Customer Experience and was selected by the leading global players in telecommunications and home appliance industries as their vendor of choice. Stop by and learn what it’s all about.

Wheel of Fortune: Directed Gamification Based Incentive Programs

The conference is also offering a number of hands-on workshops throughout the five days. On Tuesday, June 27th 8–11am, Workshop J will feature Darrin Briggs, President and CEO of Snowfly, a leader in gamification technology and development, presenting “Wheel of Fortune: Directed Gamification Based Incentive Programs.”
Over 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies surveyed said they planned to use gamification for the purposes of marketing and customer retention. Snowfly uses incentives and recognition data to analyze and report on behavior patterns and trends within any company or business type. These tools allow for significant productivity and efficiency improvements across your entire organization. Registration for the workshop is at 7am.

The Chatbot Landscape

Until just over a year ago, chatbots were only a blip on the tech world’s radar but they have recently exploded. We’ve all been hearing about them, testing them, and talking about them for the last year… you can’t leave CCW without attending one chatbot talk, and this is our choice. The Chatbot Landscape will explore whether we are really witnessing a turning point or just placing too much hope on an unproven model. More consumers are using Messaging than social media so you definitely do not want to miss this Master Class, multi-speaker brainstorming experience on Monday June 26th from 1–5pm (registration is at 12:30pm).
There will be four presenters who span the spectrum of industries, followed by a group Q&A. Some key points that will be addressed are:

Understand how chatbots may actually be surpassing social media
Determine how chatbots will impact other channels including everything digital
Assess how chatbots have the potential to inspire purchases
Explore whether the chat-style use experience will replace the app-centric model
Get your basics right and use that as the fundamental springboard for digital transformation

More Connected. More Digital. More Challenges.

And finally, CCW will welcome rockstar Chief Digital Officers to this year’s event to discuss the digital reality we’re advancing towards. Don’t miss a round-table discussion on virtual reality, automation, CX Strategies and other digital ventures, taking place on Thursday, June 29th from 11:00am-12:30pm. This diverse group of digital visionaries will discuss the future of digital business and offer strategies for overcoming the challenges that lie ahead. Hear about our panelists’ innovative digital implementations as Chief Digital Officers for their respective companies. You’ll meet Susan Poulton from the famed Franklin Institute in Philadelphia as well as Deepak Sharma from Kotak Mahindra Bank, the fourth largest private bank in India with well over 1,000 branches, and many more leaders in digital technology during the discussion. Be on the edge of the cutting edge!

This year’s CCW 2017 Conference & Expo promises to be inspirational, educational, community-oriented, and unforgettable! Network with others, meet the experts in the field and learn how to improve your business and your customer relations while tackling head-on the latest in technology and customer service innovation. But most importantly, you’ll leave galvanized to take on the latest in customer care and super-charge your services like never before.

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TechSee revolutionizes the customer support domain by providing the first cognitive visual support solution powered by augmented reality and AI.

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TechSee revolutionizes the customer support domain by providing the first cognitive visual support solution powered by augmented reality and AI.

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